Everything You Need to Know About Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel skip bins are one of our most popular skip types for residential and business use. If you’re wondering what exactly a marrel skip bin is, they’re the most common skip bins which you see all the time when out and about.

Often, you’ll spot marrel skip bins sitting in someone’s driveway or you might see the larger ones on building sites.

There’s a good reason for their popularity. Marrel skip bins are very versatile and suited to all sorts of situations.

Because they are available in sizes ranging from 2 cubic metres to 17 cubic metres, they’re the ideal skip bin for both home and business waste management.

Learn more about our different sizes of marrel skip bins available to hire.

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What is a Marrel Skip Bin?

A marrel bin is a fantastic piece of engineering. They’ve been carefully designed to ensure maximum mobility whilst retaining strength and the capability to hold a lot of rubbish.

They’re suited to almost any waste type and the bin hire charges are usually low, especially if you’re hiring a small skip – check out our skip bin sizes here.

Marrel skip bins have a specific shape which is designed to make them easy to fill and ideal for fast delivery or collection.

Marrel skips are delivered and collected via the use of a truck with a hydraulic boom which is swung over the skip bin so that it can be dropped or picked up with chains that attach to the skip bin.

The truck is able to get very close to the skip bin thanks to the innovative design of both skip and truck – meaning these skip bins are great for driveways or other tight spots.

What are the advantages of using a Marrel Skip Bin?

There are several advantages to using marrel bins. These are relevant whether you’re a homeowner or running a busy commercial business.

The main advantages are as follows –

  • Easy to fit into smaller spaces
  • Suitable for all kinds of waste
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

It’s their versatility that makes them the most commonly used skip bin. Whether you’re a homeowner having a clear-out or a business in need of the removal of some heavy duty building waste, a marrel skip bin fits the bill.

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Common uses of a Marrel Skip Bin

Marrel skip bins are suitable for all kinds of projects, big and small. They provide a handy space in which to store waste until such time as you’re ready for it to be collected.

House moves & clearances

Moving house or clearing a relative’s home can be extremely messy. It doesn’t matter how organised we are, every household generates junk. Because house moves and clearances are very stressful, a marrel skip bin is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to reduce their workload.

Marrel skips are great for household waste, general rubbish, green waste and vegetation, textiles and cardboard, building rubbish like tiles, bricks, timber and much more.

DIY and renovation

DIY and renovation at home or on business premises create a large amount of junk. Pulling out fittings, lifting old flooring, and replacing bathrooms and kitchens are hard work and, of course, mean that the old stuff needs to go somewhere.

A marrel skip in your driveway makes the task much easier. You’re able to simply remove the old fixtures and fittings and take them straight outside to the skip bin.

Commercial building and construction sites

Any professional builder or tradesperson knows just how much rubbish is generated during building jobs.

And it’s a constant issue, so it’s vital that building and construction or demolition sites are kept free of junk and debris.

That’s where larger marrel skip bins come into their own. Because building companies can arrange with their skip bin company, they can have a fresh skip delivered every time the last one reaches capacity.

This is vital because old building materials or waste left to litter a site is a potential hazard and arranging transportation for waste is not practical for most businesses.

Marrel skip bins are suitable for the removal of all kinds of building waste types, including concrete, rubble, soil, bricks and more.

Retail and other organisations

For retail businesses and for large organisations such as schools, hospitals, entertainment centres and so on, marrel skip bins offer great support in regular waste management.

These businesses can produce a lot of rubbish and it’s a matter of great importance that this is kept to a minimum.

Fast removal of junk keeps the premises safe and clean for both staff and members of the public.

Regulations for using a Marrel Skip Bin

Hiring a marrel skip bin is simple and for most domestic situations, there isn’t much to worry about.

This is because parking a marrel skip bin on your own land, such as your driveway, won’t require a permit.

However, in some instances, a permit will be needed. This is usually if you want to park the skip bin on the grass outside of your property (if it is council-owned) or on a public thoroughfare such as the street outside a business.

Most local councils have clear information about skip bin permits on their websites.

Safety Tips for Using a Marrel Skip Bin

Regarding safety and skip bins, anyone using the skip bin must be made aware of the associated risks.

One of the first considerations is placement. Your skip bin should not be placed in a spot that makes it difficult for people to get in or out of a building or access any regularly used storage areas.

Filling a skip bin isn’t difficult as most come with ramps, so a wheelbarrow can be used for heavy waste. However, you must be careful when lifting heavy rubbish so you do not injure your back.

Wearing gloves and steel-capped boots is a good start when keeping safe. Accidents can happen, and it’s better to be prepared. Eye protection should also be a consideration, especially if you are breaking up larger items to fit inside the skip bin.

Be sure to fill your skip only to the allowed level. Overflowing bins can cause additional charges at pickup, and they’re also unsafe for you or operatives collecting them. You may incur an additional weight charge if you do not adhere to fill levels.

Where to hire a Marrel Skip Bin?

Best Price Skip Bins cover all regions of Australia, so no matter where you are, you can hire a marrel skip bin.

Areas we service include:

NSW | Victoria | Queensland | Western Australia | Northern Territory | South Australia

Because Best Price Skip Bins is a well-established business with staff with decades of waste disposal experience, you’ll be in good hands.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about using skip bins, permits or waste types.

Feel free to get in touch with your questions- or if you’re ready to book, simply enter your postcode to get the ball rolling.

Alternatives to a Marrel Skip Bin.

If you’re not sure a marrel skip bin is your best option, there are other models of skip bins available. You might, for example, consider a mobile skip bin as an alternative to a marrel skip bin.

Mobile skip bins are great for really awkward spots – tight corners and areas that are undercover, so a truck can’t manage the lifting part of delivery.

Mobile skips are also very secure as they have lockable lids. Many businesses that create a large amount of waste regularly choose a mobile skip bin because it keeps other people from dumping their rubbish into your skip.


Marrel skip bins are a great choice for all sorts of projects. Whether you’re a busy homeowner engaged in moving house or having a big clear-out, or a business owner in need of regular support, a marrel skip bin is an ideal option.

If you’d like to learn more about skip bin hire in general, if you have questions regarding size, costs, waste types or anything skip-related at all, get in touch with us, and we’ll be pleased to help.