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Green Waste Removal

Green waste is the most easily processed material any homeowner or small business operator is likely to produce. It is so useful it is the one form of waste that actually benefits the environment. By choosing the right skip bin, you can use green waste to it maximum effect.

At Best Price Skip Bins, we have just the right size and type of bin for every waste product. By helping you separate out your different waste products, we can make sure your green waste is dealt with properly.

It is important to keep different waste types apart, perhaps especially so with green waste. Here are the ins and outs:

Right Choices

As you can see from the lists above, there are many more outs than ins. This is because people often confuse what constitutes green waste with other degradable materials.

As a rule of thumb, it might help to think about what would naturally be reprocessed by the Earth. Leaves, flowers and twigs naturally fall to the ground and degrade into useful materials. These are full of nitrogen, which is absorbed by the earth to produce soil.

As the nitrogen in this green waste is unprocessed by human hand, it is the most easily broken down. While other materials may eventually produce useful nutrients, this process takes a very long time. Even plastic will eventually break down, but this does not mean it constitutes green waste.

Small Is Beautiful

As well as being purely natural products, leaves and clippings are also manageable because they are small. Bulky items of any material are harder to dispose of; this holds true for nature’s own products. Large branches will not break down naturally but need to be further processed.

Food waste can be used as a means of producing compost but is not green waste. As a lot of the food we eat has been processed in some way, it is hard to break down. Additives are used in the most surprising food products and represent a challenge for nature to break down.

Gardeners will be delighted to dispose of their weeds as green waste. They may represent a threat to most garden plants when they are alive, but once uprooted they can be truly useful. Along with other garden clippings, weeds are very easily broken down and turned into nitrogen rich growing material.

Even tea bags make great recyclables. The leaves themselves are obviously natural products, and the delicate bag material is easily broken down by nature.

Green waste must be carefully separated from all other types of waste. It will soon become evident that non-natural materials are present, as they will persist in the ground.

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