How to Make Your Event a Success with Skip Bin Hire

Organised Events in Local Communities

A Comprehensive Guide to Make Your Event a Success with Skip Bin Hire.

Organising an event such as a concert, community fair, festival or performance can be a big challenge.

Of course, it’s a very exciting thing to be part of but there are a lot of health and safety factors to take into consideration.

If you’re new to organising events, then you may have just realised that you will need a well-organised waste management program to ensure a clean and safe environment for attendees and staff.

Not only that, but you will also need to consider the environmental impact which large-scale events can have on the landscape.

Here, we’re going to walk you through some of the considerations and issues you will need to think about before your event.

When it comes to large-scale waste-management, knowledge is power and you will be much more confident of a successful event if you have waste management in place well before the event is due to take place.

Common types of waste generated at different events

Depending on the sort of event you’re having, you’ll have a variety of waste types to consider.

Different events will definitely generate different waste types – for example –

Music festival

Music festivals are well-known as places where people can enjoy food and drink. If you have bars and perhaps food trucks set up, then there are going to be a lot of bottles, cups and plates to dispose of, in addition to food waste.

Children’s festival

A children’s event may not generate the same amount of bottles and cups as an adult’s event, but it will certainly produce food waste.

Community fair

A fair tends to have a lot of food on offer, drinks and things to buy. You’ll find packaging builds up, as do paper plates and recyclable cups.


Conventions tend to be less chaotic than music festivals and fairs but they do produce rubbish.

If you’re hiring a space for your convention, then you will definitely need to speak to the building’s management team about waste.

People at an event in a hall

What are the advantages of having a cleaner and safe environment at your event?

What are some of the questions I should be asking as part of the process?

The advantages of having a clean and safe environment at your event are many. The main points to consider are as follows –

  • A clean event is a pleasant event – nobody wants to wade through trash when they are trying to have a good time.
  • Trash can build up and cause a fire-hazard unless it is properly managed.

Before you begin considering your waste management strategy, ask yourself the following questions.

1. How much waste do I estimate will be produced at my event?

Consider the amount of tickets sold. If you’re not selling tickets, then you will need to estimate the number of people attending. If you can access the attendance figures for similar events in the area in the past, then do so.

Record the attendees of the event so that you are armed for the future.

When it comes to working out what sort of rubbish your attendees will produce, you only need to look at the consumables which will be offered.

The most commonly produced waste types are –

  • Recyclable food containers
  • Recyclable cups
  • Food waste
  • Bottles – both plastic and glass

You will also need to consider the length of your event. Will it take place over just one day? Or over an entire week? Depending on this, you can decide whether you will need skip bins to be emptied and exchanged for new containers more than once.

2. Benefits of Using Skip Bins

Using skip bins for events has many benefits. The other option is to use large plastic bins such as those which councils provide.

You may find that your local council will provide a number of plastic bins for collection later. Speak to them first and see what programs they have in place. Community events in particular may qualify for this help, but private events may not.

Skip bin hire is ideal for events because, here at Best Price Skip Bins, we offer skips for different waste types.

You can book a green waste skip bin for organic waste and mixed or general waste skip bins for recyclable items.

3. How often will the Skip Bin be required to be emptied?

This is entirely dependent on how many people will attend the event and if food and drink are offered.

A thousand people spending time in one place can produce an enormous amount of rubbish.

You will need a team on duty to ensure waste bins are not full to overflowing but are regularly taken to the skip bins and emptied out.

For an event taking place over a single day, it might be preferable to book large skip bins which can take a lot of waste.

For events which take place over a weekend, smaller might be preferable. These can then be emptied at the end of the day and exchanged for clean containers.

4. Who is responsible for managing skip bins on event sites?

Your event should have a dedicated waste-management team. It is these people who will need to manage your skip bins and your rubbish in general.

If you are hiring a space out, then it is very important to speak to the management of the building or site in advance. This will help you to gain a clear picture of how to cope with the waste produced and who to turn to for support.

For example, they may be able to advise you about where best to place skip bins and also how to estimate amounts.

5. What is your skip bin hire cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a skip bin, the sooner you do it the better. Here at Best Price Skip Bins, we do understand that plans sometimes change.

We try to accommodate your changing needs but in some cases, if you cancel too close to the event, we may not be able to offer a refund.

Skip Bins provide a safe environment for local markets - waste management

6. Who is responsible for filling skip bins at events?

This can vary. If you are the sole organising body of the event, then you will need to decide who is responsible for filling the skip bins.

It is important that these people are taught the proper way to fill a skip bin. For example, they should not lift items which are too heavy for them.

In some cases, if you are hiring a large space which already has a team in place, you will need to speak to them to learn about any specific rules or regulations in place regarding who accesses the skips.

7. What is the minimum hire period for a skip bin for these longer projects?

The shortest period for which you can hire a skip bin is one day. This means it will be delivered and then collected on the following day. But bear in mind that you cannot guarantee what time the skip bin is delivered, so you may lose hours.

It’s best to book it in advance by a day – then you will have all the time you need to fill it up.

8. Is there a hire payment policy for longer agreements?

The period of time for which you need your skip bin is the period you will pay for. Depending upon how long you use the skip bin, your payment will vary.

The longer you hire it, the more you will pay. You can see our terms and conditions here. They cover all information about payments and hiring conditions.

9. What is the process for hiring a commercial skip bin for events?

Once you have decided how large your skip bin needs to be and for how long you would like to access it, then you can book it.

Our booking process is very simple. All you need to do is enter your postcode, choose your waste type and size, then select the dates you want the skip bin in place.

Once this is done, you will be shown the cost of the skip bin and you can pay.

On the day of delivery, it’s best if you are present for delivery so that you can communicate with the driver of the truck. If this is not possible, you can let us know any specific instructions with regards to the placement of the skip bin via our booking form.

We are always here to help if you have any questions.


10. What are the different types of skip bins available for hire for events?

We stock a variety of skip bins, including those for different waste types, and all come in a broad selection of sizes.

MARREL SKIP BINS are available in sizes ranging from 2 cubic metres up to 30 cubic metres. These are the most commonly used type of skip bin and they usually come with a rear opening hatch for ease of access.

HOOKLIFT SKIP BINS are much larger generally and are lifted into place on hooks and chains. They’re generally used on building sites as they are ideal for heavy waste.

MOBILE SKIP BINS are smaller, placed on trailers and come with lockable lids. These are good for smaller events and for those sites with difficult to access areas such as parking garages which might be under cover. These do not require any permit.

11. Where is the best place to find a commercial skip bin hire service?

Best Price Skip Bins is a well-established company with many decades worth of shared experience in waste management.

We offer a massive selection of low-cost skip bins suited for events, domestic and commercial use.

The team here can offer advice about the use of your skip bin, the rules and regulations around parking them and, of course, we recycle all we can, so we’re an eco-friendly choice too.

12. What are the skip bin alternatives for events?

Because large-scale events produce a lot of waste, the only real alternatives are as follows.

Local council support – you may find your local council will provide a large number of plastic rubbish bins which they will also remove. They may or may not charge for this service.

Keeping it zero-waste – zero waste policies are set in place as a way to easily manage garbage. What zero-waste means is that those people in attendance are responsible for their own rubbish and must take it home with them at the end of the day. This is difficult to manage in practice, though it is great in theory. Many schools and similar organisations are zero-waste. If your event has an ecological message attached, then you will find your attendees may well be open to participating in a zero-waste event.

13. Where are the most popular places to put a skip bin on an event site?

The thing to remember is that every site will differ. If you have a large community field or school grounds for your event, then you can look at where the management currently keep their bins. This will usually be a good spot for a skip bin.

Waste bins are often places in areas that are –

  • Easy to access
  • Don’t block entrances or exits
  • A good distance from food service areas.

Car parks and the rear of buildings are the most commonly used spaces for skip bins.

14. Can I have multiple bins on site? Why would I choose this option?

Yes, you can have more than one skip bin on site. The reasons for this may vary but will generally be because –

  • Each skip bin is meant for a different waste type
  • Having one large skip bin will mean the waste is too heavy

You can have, for example, a skip bin meant only for organic waste and another meant only for paper, cardboard and packaging.

Multiple skip bins will make sense if your waste type is heavy, because all skip bins do have weight restrictions.

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When you’re wrapped up in organising a big event, waste management can take up a big chunk of your time.

Keep things in control with professional support end-to-end from Best Price Skip Bins. We’ve managed the waste from many events – big and small, so we’re happy to share our knowledge if you need any advice.

Get in touch with us to ask questions – our team is always pleased to help.

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