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It’s simple to book a skip bin with Best Price Skip Bins.

Our booking process has been designed to save you money and ensure you get the right skip bin for your needs.

When you book with us, the system sorts through a curated database of tried and trusted local suppliers and then you’re offered the cheapest available skip bin.

Enter your postcode

The first thing you need to do to find the cheapest local skip bin supplier is enter your postcode.

Choosing a waste type

Once you’ve entered your postcode, you will be asked about the type of waste you have to dispose of.

You’ll see a selection of waste types sorted into six categories. Each category has a list of what is and isn’t allowed. This makes choosing the right skip bin easy.

You need to check the categories and decide which suits you best.

Choosing a bin size

This step is easy because we offer a simple breakdown of the sizes. For example, a skip bin of 2 cubic metres will hold 8 wheelie bins worth of waste – around 3 standard 6 x 4 trailers-full.

Check all available sizes and determine the best size for your needs.

Choosing your delivery and collection dates

Choose any days that are convenient for you. Think about your time and how you can best utilise your skip bin. If you’re moving house, you may want the skip bin for longer, as emptying a house can be time-consuming. It’s up to you how long you keep the skip bin.


The final step is payment. At this point, you can enter your name and delivery address in addition to any special delivery instructions. Choose to pay with PayPal or your credit card.

We offer secure payment, so you know your details will be safe with us.

Other Things To Consider

Booking a skip bin is a convenient and simple way to dispose of your extra waste. Some important factors to consider before booking are as follows.

Where should I put my skip bin?

This is important because placing a skip bin on the road outside your property may require a permit from your local council before booking. Permits are easy to obtain, and they are affordable. You will not need a permit if you want to place your skip bin on your property.

How much can I put in my skip bin?

Do not overfill your skip bin. It’s important not to go above the edge. Skip bins with too much waste are a hazard and can mean you will be charged more.

Can I put a mattress in my skip bin?

Please remember that disposal of mattresses containing springs, carpets, and tyres will incur additional charges. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding this.

What type of skip bin do I need?

The type of skip bin you will need depends on the bin’s use. We offer many different types of bins for different use cases. See below a list of industries for more information.


Residential and domestic use

At Best Price Skip Bins, we understand the unique waste removal needs of households across Australia. From clearing out old furniture to dealing with garden waste or renovation debris, our bins cater to every desired size and need. Our prices are lower, offering more affordable alternatives for residents without compromising on the quality of service. Our dedicated team is always here to assist our customers and answer any and all questions.

Commercial use

Businesses in Australia require efficient and cost-effective waste disposal solutions. Our pricing is competitive, making waste management cheaper for commercial entities. Our service offers a range of bin sizes, guaranteeing the right skip bin for every business. With convenient rubbish delivery to landfill and a dedication to putting customers first, we pave the way for optimal waste disposal for businesses across Australia.

Industrial sites

Industrial sectors generate unique waste types, from chemicals to electronics, requiring specialised skip bins for proper disposal. At Best Price Skip Bins, we offer robust industrial skip bins, ensuring that even the toughest waste materials are handled carefully and professionally. Our competitive pricing means you can manage waste cost effectively without compromising on bin size or quality.

Building and Construction

In the building and construction realm, the amount of waste generated can be substantial, from bricks and concrete to timber and tiles. That’s why we offer skip bins tailored to meet the unique needs of construction sites. If you’re looking for a quote or have questions about specific things like asbestos disposal or skip bin sizes, our team is just a call away, ready to help you find the right bin for your waste type.

Roofing companies

Whether renovation or a complete replacement, roofing projects generate a significant amount of waste materials, including tiles, timber, and other related items. Best Price Skip Bins equips roofing companies with the ideal skip bins to handle such specific waste types. One of the main reasons roofing companies choose our skip-hire services is our competitive costs. We ensure quality skips at a low rate, making waste management efficient and affordable.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

Undertaking kitchen and bathroom renovations can be transformative for any property, but they also produce a diverse range of waste, from tiles and fixtures to old appliances and timber. We provide tailored skip bins in various sizes, ensuring efficient waste removal during your renovation process. We’ve made booking the cheapest bin for your budget a breeze; whether in a compact space or a larger area, we have the right skip bin size for you.

Office renovations or office strip-outs

Modernising an office or executing a complete strip-out involves managing many materials, from old furniture and office equipment to partitions and wiring. Best Price Skip Bins offers skip bins tailored to handle this type of waste for a hassle-free office transformation. Whether you’re updating a single household-based office or a larger corporate area, our skip bins are perfect.

Concerts or events

Managing waste is crucial to any successful event, be it a concert, festival, or general public gathering. We offer tailored skip bins to accommodate the unique waste requirements of these events, ensuring cleanliness and environmental care. From expansive outdoor areas to more confined indoor venues, our flexible skip bin solutions ensure efficient waste management, safeguarding the environment and leaving no trace behind.


Schools generate significant waste, especially during renovations, annual clean-ups, and events. Best Price Skip Bin’s dedicated waste removal solutions can cater specifically to schools, helping them manage rubbish efficiently and sustainably. Recognising the diverse environments within schools, from classrooms to outdoor play areas, our skip bins are designed to address the range of waste disposal needs seamlessly.


Landscaping projects inevitably produce diverse waste, from green waste to soil, rocks, and even old garden furniture. We offer skip bins designed to accommodate landscapers’ unique waste disposal needs. Whether revamping a garden space or undertaking a major landscaping overhaul, our bins ensure all waste finds its right place, leaving your outdoor area clean and uncluttered.

Deceased estates

Clearing out a deceased estate can be emotionally taxing and logistically challenging, especially when dealing with various items, from furniture to personal belongings. Best Price Skip Bins understands the sensitivities and complexities involved, offering specialised services to aid in the seamless removal and disposal of items from deceased estates.

If you’re navigating this difficult process and seeking a compassionate and efficient deceased estate waste management solution, get in touch.

Government and Councils

Managing waste efficiently is essential for government bodies and councils, given their role in maintaining clean, sustainable environments for everyone. We offer specialised bin solutions tailored to meet the stringent requirements of government projects. Our skip bins ensure streamlined waste removal for local community events, infrastructure work, or public area maintenance.

All our suppliers are hand-picked local, reliable, trustworthy and fully trained contractors.