Skip Bin Types

At Best Price Skip Bins, we take pride in our diverse range of skip bin sizes tailored to fit every need, waste type, and location, both for commercial and domestic purposes. Our commitment goes beyond just providing bins — we aim for a seamless skip bin hire experience for you.

Our comprehensive guide simplifies the process, helping you discern exactly what size and type of bin you need. While this serves as a general guide, remember that bins might vary slightly as each company has its own unique specifications.

If you require precise bin dimensions or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your waste management needs.


Here are the skips that are available from our suppliers

**Please Note** Not all Bins Have Doors On Them Please Specify If A Door Is Needed On Your Bin When Ordering.

Skip Bins Seaton

Marrel Skip Bin

When the term “skip bin” pops into your head, it’s the marrel skip bin you’re likely picturing. Dominating the market, the marrel is a popular choice for both domestic rubbish and commercial waste disposal needs.

Marrel skip bins boast a size range starting from a compact 2 cubic metres, scaling up to a spacious 17 cubic metres.

Designed with tall sides and a compact length, these bins conveniently fit into an area approximately the size of a standard car space. When setting one down, you’ll need an access clearance of about 3 metres. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure no foliage, branches, or overhead wires obstruct the drop-down area.

For those needing easy loading, some marrel skip bins come equipped with wheelbarrow access. If this is a feature you’ll need, please let us know so we can provide the perfect skip tailored to your needs.

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HookLift Skip Bin at Best Price Skip Bins

Hook Lift Skip Bin

The hook lift skip bin is distinct for its unique loading and unloading mechanism. Employing a hook attached to a truck, this bin is effortlessly rolled on and off to its designated spot.

With its accommodating rear doors that swing open and a streamlined rectangular design, it’s a breeze to use a bobcat for loading. The size spectrum for hook lift skips is expansive, ranging from a modest 4 cubic metres up to a mammoth 30 cubic metres, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for any requirement.

While their primary usage is in the commercial waste disposal realm, hook lift skips can also serve domestic purposes. This is less common and usually reserved for instances like large state sales or extensive home renovations. In such scenarios, the volume of rubbish could easily overwhelm a typical marrel skip.

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mobile skip bins - lockable and secure

Mobile Skip Bin

Mobile skip bins are the perfect solution for those tricky waste disposal challenges. Whether it’s beneath a carport or in underground office parking areas, these bins navigate tight spaces with ease.

Unlike traditional skips, mobile bins don’t require a permit when placed on council land. That’s because they’re essentially registered trailers, ready to hit the road. This not only streamlines the process, eliminating permit hassles, but also translates into savings for you, as you only need to cover the bin hire cost.

What’s more, each mobile skip bin comes with a lockable lid, ensuring your skip’s contents remain exclusive to you. However, they do come with specific waste limitations, only allowing the following waste types:

  • General waste
  • Light green waste
  • Light construction waste.

For heavier waste categories like soil, bricks, rubble, stones, and concrete, you’ll need a specialised bin. Also, to ensure safe transportation, mobile skip bins have strict weight limits. You generally have size choices of 3 or 4 cubic metres, though other sizes might be available. To book, simply input your postcode. It’s that straightforward!

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What bin size should you hire?

A wide variety of skip bin sizes are available. It’s important to choose the right size to suit your needs.  This will ensure you have a bin that is big enough and that you don’t spend extra money booking a skip bin size that is too big for your requirements.

**Please Note**  These are approximate sizes only bin shapes can vary with different bin suppliers.


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Navigating the range of waste disposal options can seem overwhelming, from choosing between a rubbish bin and a recycling bin to understanding the specifics of a green waste bin and an industrial bin.

Whether you’re dealing with household waste, materials like timber and paint, or more specialised items such as tiles, furniture, clothes, and even potentially hazardous elements like asbestos and chemicals, understanding the right bin for your needs is vital.

The team at Best Price Skip Bins is here to guide you every step of the way. Should you have any questions, want a quote, or simply need information on weight limits, landfill charges, or anything else, get in touch.

When you’re ready, we’re prepared to assist. Remember, making informed choices isn’t just about proper waste disposal — it’s about choosing the best way to care for our environment. Reach out to us today!