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General Waste Removal

When hiring a skip bin, it is important to use it effectively. At Best Price Skip Bins, we have the right type of bin for all domestic and small business waste. We help you decide how to recycle or discard a huge range of waste materials.

While we can deal with just about anything you throw out, we work with you to separate out your waste products. General waste is the most common type of disposal we carry out, but this too has different categories.

Here are some general rules about what is and is not general waste:

Light Waste

In terms of what constitutes light domestic waste, this is really material that does not fall into any particular category. For instance, it must not be hazardous to health, so can be safely disposed of in a tip, or recycled.

Hazardous waste such as asbestos is dangerous and remains so indefinitely. If it is mixed with general waste, its fibres can easily be disturbed and constitute a real health hazard. Activities such as compacting will cause unstable materials to break up and disperse.

Light construction waste must not contain concrete in either cleanfill or hardfill form. Cleanfill concrete has no metal strengthening rods, hardfill does. Either type of concrete can be dealt with by recycling plants. If it is thrown out with general waste, the bin will now be classed as a Mixed Heavy Waste Bin and incur additional costs.

Non Hazardous Waste

As well as long lasting, harmful materials, general waste should not include degradable substances. For the opposite reason to, for instance, concrete, food and soil waste needs to be dealt with separately to general waste.

Food waste degrades over time. It can be usefully employed as compost or even fuel. While these are positive aspects of natural breakdown, this causes problems among solid waste.

Gases build up as a product of biological action, which can be dangerous in any kind of confined space. They can make waste disposal areas unstable, whether dug into the ground or in open air sites. Food also attracts animals, which spread diseases and further destabilize tips.

Soil waste should also be kept away from general waste. It is a natural form of biological waste already, so presents similar problems to food waste. Soil also contains tetanus, which can be lethal if ingested through cuts.


One of the main benefits of separating general waste from other types is the possibility of recycling. General waste would need to be heavily processed to produce any worthwhile materials. This would be too costly to be sustainable.

Food waste and soil, on the other hand, are perfect for producing materials useful to society. With advances in technology, more uses are being found for degrading food products. These occur naturally, making them doubly useful if harnessed correctly.

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