Benefits of a Hook Lift Skip Bin

A hook lift skip bin is somewhat different to an ordinary skip bin. Ordinary skip bins, the most commonly used type you might have seen around the streets, are trapezoid with slanted sides. This sort of skip hire is used for domestic purposes in general.

A hook lift skip bin is more of a rectangle with straight sides. Hook lift skip bins are often used in large projects and industrial situations where heavy waste is produced.

They are lifted off the back of the delivery truck with a hook and a chain. They’re stackable and are also often utilised at waste transfer stations where the contents of many smaller skip bins may be placed into one big hook lift skip bin for removal to a waste disposal facility.

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What is a Hook Lift Skip Bin?

As mentioned above, hook lift skip bins are large, rectangular skip bins that are delivered or collected with the aid of a hook and a chain.

They are also known as RORO bins – because they roll on and roll off the truck.

What are the advantages of using a Hook Lift Skip Bin?

One of the big advantages of a hooklift bin is the length of it. This longer length means that longer pieces of junk can be thrown inside without the need to cut or break things down.

They’re especially useful in big commercial building and construction projects where there might be very heavy waste such as concrete, rubble and gyprock. They have plenty of capacity, so there won’t be a need to order a new skip bin every other day.

Just like ordinary skip bins, hook lift skip bins are delivered to the place where they’re needed and can be kept for as long as needed. The transport needed for a hook lift skip bin is a large truck, so there needs to be plenty of space available.

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Different sizes of a Hook Lift Skip Bin?

Hook lift skip bins tend to be sized between 15m3 and 30m3. This is obviously very capacious and depending on the size of your project, you can choose the best hook bin for your needs.

If you’re in any doubt as to the best option for your project, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help if we can.

Common uses of a Hook Lift Skip Bin

Hook bins are most commonly used in bigger projects such as –

  • Demolition
  • Shop fitting
  • Warehouse cleaning or re-fitting

Demolition projects always produce a lot of heavy waste. Bricks, concrete, metal, soil and rubble all mean a heavier skip bin. Because hook skips can take a lot of weight, they’re the better option in general.

Shop fitting and warehouse fittings or clearouts also produce a lot of heavier loads, particularly larger premises. Hook lift skips are usually a good choice in these circumstances.

Regulations for using a Hook Lift Skip Bin

Hook lift skip bins do have a large capacity for waste but there are some precautions to consider when using them.

  • never load above the allowable level or capacity
  • Use the hook lift skip according to the manufacturing specifications
  • Be certain that the load is evenly distributed before removal
  • Carefully inspect any locks present

Safety Precautions for using a Hook Lift Skip Bin

When you’re planning to use a hook lift skip bin, it’s important that the people who are present at the worksite understand how to use it correctly and also who is meant to use it.

Delivery is another consideration. You will need to be certain that the route is clear for the delivery truck and that there are no overhanging branches or buildings in the space set aside for the hook lift skip bin.

Once in place, ensure all personnel understand how to use it correctly. Work safety gear should be provided and worn. This might include workboots with toe protection, gloves, hard hats, eye protection when necessary.

Where can you hire a hook lift skip bin?

Best Price Skip Bins has a large stock of available hook lift skip bins for hire. As a company, we’ve got many decades of experience and we also offer extremely competitive prices.

If you’d like to learn more or hire a skip bin of any size or type, including hook lifts, please visit our region pages to find your local contact.

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Alternatives to a Hook Lift Skip Bin

Finding a truly effective alternative to hook-lift skip bins is quite difficult. Because they are designed for particularly heavy waste materials, you may find removing them yourself in a van or trailer hard.

For smaller jobs, see our other skip bin types.

Rubbish collection services may be happy to remove some waste, but larger amounts will generally require a hook lift skip bin. Without a hook lift in place, rubbish will build up and become problematic quite quickly.


Hook lift skip bins are the most convenient waste removal solution for building sites, big construction and demolition projects and warehouse refits or renovations. In addition to their large capacity, they have the advantage of being relatively affordable compared to rubbish removal services or dumps.

We work with our customers at Best Price Skip Bins to ensure an excellent experience from booking to delivery and collection. Pricing is affordable, and communication is fast. We put recycling as our number one concern when dealing with the rubbish we collect, so you know you’re dealing with an eco-friendly business.

Contact our friendly team to book your hook lift skip bin or find out any information you might need before booking. We offer the best waste management services across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide,  Perth,  Brisbane,  Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

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