Melbourne’s Construction Boom and the Need for Waste Management

Melbourne is in the midst of a construction boom. The launch of the state government’s Victoria’s Big Build Program, along with thriving residential building and renovation markets, has seen the construction industry take off.

But with construction comes construction waste: the tonnes of off-cuts, breakages, wrapping, and demolition debris that requires safe and responsible removal.

This is where skip bins come in. As essential to the job site as the port-a-loo and the smoko spot, the skip bin is a vital asset when it comes to construction waste management. Let’s take a look at how skip bins are helping to keep Melbourne’s urban development sustainable.

On a Melbourne Work Site, Skip Hire Just Makes Sense

Can you dispose of Asphalt in a Skip Bin

If you’ve ever driven past a construction site, you’ve very likely seen a skip bin. With its sturdy metal frame, high waste volume, and ease of access, there’s no better waste management system for a job site.

Skip bin hire is essentially a way for builders and other tradespeople to contract out their waste removal needs because all the hard work of lifting heavy bins and waste transportation is the responsibility of the skip hire company. All workers have to do is fill the bins and call for collection once it’s full. This saves money on rubbish transport, disposal, and a driver.

The second reason skip bins are the waste disposal method of choice on construction sites is the level of safety they provide. From ease of access to fulfilling their obligations to preventing rubbish and debris from being washed away or blown off-site, skip bins are the best way to safely contain rubbish until it’s time for collection. This keeps neighbourhoods clean and workers safe, as rubbish can be disposed of immediately instead of creating a dangerous mess on site.

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness are The Biggest Skip Bin Benefits

Another reason this construction boom is reliant on skip bins for sustainable building is down to the ease at which they can be placed on site. Unlike other rubbish disposal methods that may require machinery to move bin bags or crates around the site, skip bins stay right where they’re put for as long as they’re needed.

Although they can hold a lot of waste, they take up only a minimal amount of space, as they only require enough room to be manoeuvred in and out of their position. With a permit from the council, sometimes skip bins don’t even need to be on the site itself if an appropriate road position can be found.

Different Skip Bin Styles and Sizes Explained

commercial grade skip bin

At Best Price Skip Bins, we have a wide range of Marrell-style skip bins with sizes for every job or situation. At the very lowest end, our 2 m³ bins can hold the equivalent of 8 wheelie bins or approximately 3 level loads of a 6×4 trailer. On the other end of the scale, our 30 m³ skip bins can hold as much waste as 120 wheelie bins or 43 approximate 6×4 trailer loads. We also use hook-lift skip bins primarily for commercial-scale jobs and mobile skip bins, which are perfect for tight places that are difficult to access.

Some of our bins also have wheelbarrow access, which means one side flips down. This helps you to fill the bin more easily without having to lift heavy objects up and over the side. In turn, this prevents the risk of injury or accident and saves time and the need for additional personnel. Please let our friendly team know when booking if you require a bin with wheelbarrow access.

With every size in between, there is the perfect-sized skip for your job, so that you’re not spending more than you absolutely need to.

The Right Container For All Types of Construction Waste

Just as we’re not “one size fits all”, nor are we “one waste type” for everyone. While we do service general waste, we also have skip bins for specific needs, such as green waste, concrete/bricks, soil/dirt, office/electrical waste, metal waste, and more.

Using a specific bin type means it’s easier to sort rubbish from recycling and keep materials out of landfill, because we all like to do our bit for the environment.

If Business Is Booming, Let Us Take Care Of Your Rubbish

Skip Bins Burnside

Whether it’s a renovation project in the suburbs or a multi-storey office tower, Best Price Skip Bins has the knowledge and experience to set you up with the right size and type of skip bin hire for your Melbourne construction project. We guarantee next-day delivery, so you’ll never be caught short, and we offer competitive prices so you don’t have to worry about budget blowouts or quote over-runs. Call us today on 1300 791 132.

FAQ: Construction Skip Bins

1. What are skip bins, and how do they support Melbourne’s construction boom?

Skip bins are supporting Melbourne’s construction boom by offering a convenient and sustainable solution for rubbish removal. They keep work sites safe for both workers and nearby residents.

2. How do skip bins contribute to sustainability and waste management in construction?

Skip bins are great for the environment as they allow rubbish to be sorted for recycling with greater ease. This keeps materials that can be reused out of landfill. They are also the most effective way to prevent materials from being washed away in storms and rain, washing chemicals or debris into local water courses.

3. What should one consider when choosing a skip bin size and type for a construction project?

Consider the scale of your project and what types of construction waste will go into the bins. See our handy chart to help determine what size skip bin you might require.

4. Are there specific regulations for using skip bins on Melbourne’s construction sites?

You must ensure compliance with local council regulations before placing a skip bin anywhere other than private property. Visit the City of Melbourne for more information on placing a skip bin or container on a road.

5. How can contractors ensure the eco-friendly disposal of construction waste through skip bins?

To minimise the amount of construction waste in landfills, skip-hire companies offer sustainable solutions to help sort construction waste and send it to recycling facilities. At Best Price Skip Bins, we have six different waste types. See here for more information on what you can put in a skip bin.