What Happens to Rubbish from Skips?

How do you know where your rubbish ends up?

Once the craziness that is Christmas is over, you’d be forgiven for not giving a second thought about what happens to all the leftover wrapping, packaging and junk you’ve cleared out. We’ve all thought about it from time to time though…what happens to the rubbish from skips? It doesn’t disappear overnight! There’s a highly organised and well-thought out process behind what happens to the rubbish in skips. The process works so well because there are multiple stages and people involved in a well-organised system. 

Rules about dumping rubbish

The fact is that rubbish from skips has to go somewhere right? It has to be removed and disposed of. It’s important to understand something about the rules and regulations of waste disposal if we’re going to work towards a world with less waste. Best Price Skip Bins are advocates for reducing landfills and helping people to dispose of their waste in a positive fashion.

Some people incorrectly assume that all skip rubbish goes straight into landfills. This is far from what happens to the rubbish from skips as refuse is always taken to a sorting site and carefully separated and sorted. Anything that can be recycled is then dealt with appropriately.

Green Waste

Not everyone realises that skip companies will take away green waste. But they will and it’s surprising how beneficial it can be for the environment because it’s so easy to process into garden products. 

We can even reuse old timber and this is usually sorted out and then taken to a specialist timber recycler. Once it’s with the specialist, it will be shredded and re-shredded for use in biomass fuels or for compost. So if you’ve recently trimmed the trees or bushes on your property, perhaps it’s time for a skip bin! Gardening is much more pleasant when there’s less mess!


Start your own compost heap

Composting your own garden waste is a great way to save money and time. You can reuse your own waste and save on space. Some local councils run schemes where households can purchase compost bins at a reduced rate. There are a variety of sizes and styles available to suit all gardens. Contact your local council to enquire. Composting is simple and easy once you get going. There are plenty of online guides available which explain the processes clearly. 


How to help

You can help make it easier for waste removal companies to recycle your old junk by keeping cards and paper uncontaminated by food products or animal waste. Another way to help is by trying to stack things neatly and bagging smaller items. This makes it easier for the sorters to organise the waste once it reaches the processing centre. Take time to sort your household recycling too as that will make more room in your skip bin.  This information and guide are useful if you’re unsure about what to recycle and what not to recycle.

Take care

Always take extra care when you are handling any sort of rubbish or waste. This is especially important for house clearances. Don’t attempt to lift heavy items into a skip bin alone. Enlist some help from a friend or neighbour where possible. Avoid handling anything toxic. If you are unsure whether a substance is safe to touch, don’t take risks. Isolate the area where the suspicious material is and avoid it. This is especially important when dealing with building waste. If you’re unsure about the presence of asbestos, don’t take a chance. Avoid any area with suspicious materials. Call the experts to ask for advice.

If you need advice or help before booking a skip bin, or simply to learn more about how we work, contact us here at Best Price Skip Bins and our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to help you. We deliver quickly and collect on time!

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Your waste is handled responsibly when Best Price Skip Bins are on the job!