Ordering a Skip Could Benefit Your Health – 5 Reasons to Get Organised

Ordering a skip could see your health improve 

We’ve all had those days where things just seem to get on top of us haven’t we? Those days when our home seems muddled and each room seems more untidy and disorganised than the next. Ordering a skip is the best short term solution to that feeling and can have a positive effect on your health!

Taking control of your environment is a relatively quick fix for some health and well-being problems. If you find the thought of it overwhelming, you could enlist some help. Talk to friends and family to see if anyone could help you undertake your clear up. You will find that some people enjoy sorting out clutter and will be more than happy to help.

The problem with living in a messy environment is that the issues tend to get worse before they get better.

It’s a common problem and one which is getting bigger as people consume more and more. Modern life in the West has many advantages and one of them is cheap consumables…but is this blessing really a curse?

A 2016 study from Cornell University found that cluttered and chaotic environments cause anxiety and stress. This in turn leads to further unhealthy life choices such as eating junk food or late nights.

So if you’ve been suffering the effects of a clutter-filled home, then maybe it’s time to look at booking a skip and having a big clear out. Your mind as well as your body might benefit. It can be daunting at first; especially if there’s a lot to do. Remember that a little at a time will make a big difference.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should order a skip and have a clear out…you could see your health improve!

 Get Organised and Clear the Junk!

  • 1: Less clutter means cleaner air: Clutter, including old textiles such as cushions, blankets, soft toys and throws harbour dust mites, pollen and other irritants. The National Asthma Council of Australia points to a link between asthma and dust, pollen and pet hair. If you have old textiles which can be recycled then you can organise this as part of your clear-out operation. Booking a skip can be part of the procedure.
  • 2: Clutter can cause accidents: According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, approximately ¼ of all injuries requiring hospitalisation occur in or around the home. A number of those accidents are due to people falling over items which shouldn’t be there. So if your home is full to bursting with old furniture, broken items, piles of paperwork or books then it’s time for change!

Ordering a skip could help your mental health!

  • 3: Clutter causes depression: Sometimes the clutter is a symptom of depression. The problem is that clutter causes depression to worsen so it’s a vicious circle. The best possible route towards a healthy and happy mind is a clean and clear environment. Ordering a skip is the first step towards a more cheerful and happy you.
  • 4: Clear home = clear mind: This can’t be denied. There’s nothing more calming than a room which is well organised and well kept. It’s not pleasant to sit in rooms with junk and old items stored in them, so book a skip today and clear out your home!
  • 5: Badly managed gardens can’t be enjoyed: Ordering skips for green waste is a good way to begin boosting your outdoor environment and your mental health. Many people don’t realise that skips for garden waste are available. Just make a start and your garden will soon be a haven for you to enjoy.

Don’t delay making positive changes in your life. Make the decision to alter the things in your life which aren’t helping you. Start by making a list of things to do. Once your list is complete, begin by sorting through one room at a time. Organise the rubbish into different piles; some to throw away, some to keep and some to give away. Clearly marked boxes and bags are a big help at this point.

Best Price Skip Bins are here for all of your skip bin needs. Get in touch to enquire about booking a skip bin today and a member of our team will be pleased to advise you and book your skip to be delivered at your convenience.



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Believe it or not, cleaning is good for you!