How to Choose Skip Bins in Perth According to Your Needs

Depending on your needs, you need to choose from various Skip Bins in Perth that are made available to you. Instead of being emptied into a specific garbage truck or site, a skip is generally removed and replaced by an empty skip. It is then, taken to a garbage site or landfill site.



In bathroom renovations, you will normally consider disposing of some cabinetry, old shower screens, the tiles for curtain rails, toilets and other bath stuff. The packaging of the new materials also needs to be thrown out. We would recommend you to put a 4 cubic metre skip bin for renovations of the bathroom.


When we are moving a house and need just a small clean up, a 4 cubic metre skip bin can help in throwing these small general junk items.


For a kitchen renovation, it might vary from one person to another because everyone’s kitchen has a different size these days. The waste generally comprises cabinets, benchtops, stove, dishwasher, floor covering, tiles, packaging and all of this stuff so that your new material arrived in. We recommend a 4-6 cubic metre skip bin for kitchen renovations.


If you are moving a house or an apartment, it would require a lot of throwing out the furniture, some other big things such as exercise equipments, junk items etc.
We would recommend using a 6 to 12.5 cubic metre skip when you move out from a house or an apartment.


Depending on the scale on which you are building or renovating, the mentioned size is enough for a small trenching or earthmoving job, a garden renovation where lawn needs to be mowed won a little etc. There is often more waste left over than we think, so it is always better to be on the safe side and order a little bigger.
We recommend a 7.5 to a 9 cubic metre skip bin for this job.


The best choice of a skip bin of size 6 – 7.5 cubic metre is recommended for a large gardening clean-up. As branches and some logs do not compact well, it is always better to cut them all to fix it in the skip bin properly. A large garden cleanup might require a bigger size, so choose accordingly.


This is for a much larger renovation and installing a new building and extensions. And most importantly, there is a lot of foundation work that needs to be done. This would require a lot of trenching and earthmoving to be put in place. A 9-12.5 cubic metre skip will work the best.