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Skip Bins Highgate, Perth

Skip bins in Highgate are at a higher than ever demand thanks to the boom in the property market. As more people seek to renovate older properties or build new ones, Highgate skips are in constant use.

Best Price Skip Bins are always here to meet your needs for skip bin hire Highgate. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, we have the right solution for your needs.

Skip bins in Highgate

Best Price Skip Bins – affordable and friendly!

We offer skip bins in a vast array of sizes and for short or long term hires. Our unique booking system ensures that you will always benefit from low prices. This is because we have access to the very best suppliers in the region and when you book, the system sorts through the available skip bins for your needs and only books the cheapest one available.

How do I book skip bins in Highgate?

It’s so simple – all you need to do is enter your postcode and you’ll be asked a few simple questions about your waste type and day of delivery and pick up. Then you’ll be shown the cost. Once you make your payment, that’s it! Your skip bin will be delivered for your use and picked up on the day you choose.

What can I put in a skip bin?

There’s not much you can’t put in a skip bin! We accept the following –

General Waste Skip Bins in Highgate

You can put the following in general waste skip bins –

Clothes, paper, cardboard, bedding, towels, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, duvets, cushions
Cupboards, loungers, washing machines, cots, beds, fridges, chairs, sofas etc.
Wood, flooring, wallpaper
Shrubs, grass, foliage, leaves, twigs

There are some materials which cannot be placed in the general waste skip bin. They are as follows –

  • Bricks, sand, concrete, tiles, clay, stones
  • Soil
  • Palm tree trunks
  • Synthetic grass

Green Waste Skip Bins in Highgate

You can put the following into green waste skip bins –

Shrubs, foliage, grass clippings, leaves, twigs, small branches, palm fronds, wood chips and bark – please take care that no soil adheres to any green waste. Tree trunks with a diameter of less than 150mm and under 50mm in length.
Shrubs, foliage, grass clippings, leaves, twigs
Small branches, leaves and palms fronds
Wood chip and bark – there must be no soil attached to either – if you need to dispose of soil, a soil and dirt bin is required
Tree trunks with a diameter smaller than 150mm and under 50mm long and untreated timber.

There are some materials which must not be placed in your green skip bin. They include the following

  • Bricks
  • Sand
  • Concrete
  • Tiles
  • Clay
  • Stones
  • Large tree trunks (see above for what constitutes large)
  • Palm tree trunks
  • Large tree roots

Concrete/Brick Skip Bins in Highgate

You can put the following into concrete/brick skip bins –

Bricks and/or bricks and mortar, concrete – any concrete must be no bigger than 600×600, roof tiles, floor tiles, pebbles, rocks, stones

There are some materials which must not be placed in the concrete/brick skip bin. They include –

  • General, green or excavation waste
  • Soil and turf
  • Palm trees and fronds
  • Sand, soil and dirt

Soil/Dirt Skip Bins in Highgate

You can put the following in soil/dirt skip bins –

Soil, dirt, rock, sandstone and clay that are naturally occurring, turf and vegetation which take up less than 10% of the space available in the bin

There are some items which can not be placed in the soil/dirt skip bin. These include the following –

  • Vegetation which takes up more than 10% of the skip bin
  • General waste as listed above
  • Contaminated soil
  • Man-made materials

Mixed Waste Skip Bins in Highgate

You can put the following in mixed waste skip bins –

Any waste that comes from domestic or commercial demolition, construction or renovation, concrete, tiles as long as they are no larger than 600×600, treated timber, retaining walls, decking, floorboards, fences, sheds, clothing, paper, cardboard, bedding, towels, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, duvets, cushions and other textiles, general furniture, white goods such as fridges, green waste including shrubs, foliage, grass, leaves, twigs, bushes and palm trees with any tree trunks being smaller than 300mm in diameter and less than 300mm in length.

There are also a number of hazardous materials which should not be placed in any skip bins at Highgate. They include the following –

  • Asbestos
  • Insulation
  • Food
  • Wet paint
  • Empty chemical containers
  • Liquids
  • Putrescibles

Some skip bin suppliers can make special arrangements for asbestos but you should always contact our office beforehand so that the proper arrangements can be made. If you would like to learn more about asbestos please visit

Is hiring skip bins an eco-friendly choice?

Not only is it eco-friendly but it’s also way more convenient than using the local dump. Dumps do charge for their services plus you will need to pay for fuel – not to mention the time it takes to drive to and from the dump with a trailer full of rubbish.

Skip bins are fast, affordable, clean and convenient. Here at Best Price Skip Bins we also recycle all that can be recycled. So your waste won’t go straight to the landfill.

As a family-owned and run business we are as committed as you to keeping Australia beautiful!

Will I need a permit for a skip bin in Perth?

Not usually. If you place the skip bin on your own land, then a permit is not needed. However, if you want to place your skip bin on council-owned land then a skip bin permit will be needed.

You can get one here. In Perth, they are known as obstruction permits.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Best Price Skip Bins Perth if you need advice or guidance on any aspect of skip bin hires in Perth.