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Skip Bins Burnley

Skip Bins Burnley – Melbourne Skip Hire

Burnley, Melbourne 3121 is a small but fascinating suburb. Situated in Melbourne’s inner bounds, Burnley has a lot of history within it’s few square miles.

The heritage buildings crammed into Burnley’s narrow streets speak of the many faces of this suburb. It’s been home to many working people for well over a century and has also been a hub of production for decades.

Among the charming alleyways and streets you can find factories and churches, restaurants, homes and a variety of public buildings.

In Burnley Park, a cottage was recently found to be of significant historical interest and it is one of the three oldest dwellings in Victoria.

But people move to the area for it’s attractive buildings and of course, it’s proximity to the CBD.

People who work centrally, naturally wish to travel quickly to work and live in a pleasant suburb. For many, Burnley fits the bill.

Homes here are snapped up quickly and those properties which have not already undergone renovation are quickly brought up to current standards.

Skip bins BurnleyOf course, this means that skip bins Burnley are always in demand. And it’s not only renovators who need them! The many successful businesses in the area need additional support for their waste disposal in Burnley.

Restaurants and retail outlets in addition to factories always produce extra waste. Skip Bin Finder is the local choice for fast, reliable skip bin hire in Burnley.

Why wait for an unreliable skip bin hire when you can have a skip bin of any size at your doorstep the day after you book?

Booking skip hire Burnley with Best Price Skip Bins

Best Price Skip Bins have been in the business for many years and we’re a well-known company. We’re not just known for our fast and friendly service but also for our low prices.

Skip bins BurnleyUnique booking system puts you in control

Our unique booking system allows customers to book a skip bin in Burnley and benefit from our automatic sorting – meaning that you always get offered the lowest priced skip bins in Burnley.

No matter when you book, we will offer you the cheapest price. We’re able to achieve our competitive pricing thanks to our relationship with all of the very best local skip hire companies in Burnley and Melbourne in general.

Booking is easy – simply enter your postcode and then follow the instructions to choose a size and waste type for your skip bin.

How do I know which size skip bin to choose?

We’re asked this a lot! It’s a common question for people new to booking skips. It’s easy when you know how and our skip bin size guide will make it simple for you.

Each skip bin size is measured in cubic metres but our guide shows that in comparison to wheelie bins. For example, a 2 metre skip bin will hold about 8 wheelie bins of rubbish.

That’s plenty for a small job such as a shed or spare room clear-up.

If however you need a larger skip bin, then there’s plenty to choose from. We stock skips all the way up to 30 metres! Larger skip bins are used for building or renovation projects.

Medium type skip bins are often used during house moves.

Which type of skip bin do I need?

There is more than one type of skip bin – some are used for green waste only, others for mixed waste and yet more for bricks or stone. There are even skip bins meant only for soil and dirt.

Check our our skip bin types here and decide which suits you best.

Is there anything I can’t put in a skip bin in Burnley?

Yes. There are a few things which for safety reasons, may not be put into skip bins. They include asbestos, oils or paints, batteries and fluorescent lights. These items can cause serious issues and should be taken to Yarra Recycling Facility.

Can I put mattresses and tyres in skip bins?

This is a question often asked and the answer is – sometimes. You should always check with your skip bin supplier, if it is safe to add these things. Some providers will charge small fee.

Are skip bins environmentally friendly?

Yes. Skip bin hire Burnley is a very eco-friendly way to dispose of your waste. When you add things to the skip, you can feel safe in the knowledge that once removed, the skip will be sorted.

Skips are good for the environmentAll recyclable items will be processed accordingly.

We try hard to ensure that we’re doing our bit to keeping rubbish out of landfill. Landfill is bad for the environment and we work to stay eco-friendly and keep the streets of Burnley clean.


Green waste skip bins Burnley are usually taken and the waste is sorted and used to produce compost. Soil is also reused and plastics, glass and metals are also cleaned and reused.

Caring operatives working hard to protect Melbourne’s environment

The many people who live and work in Burnley and Melbourne in general are rightfully proud of their city. It’s a world-famous place for good reason. Packed with gorgeous parks and green spaces, it’s our duty to ensure these are protected.

Our operatives are trained to ensure that when they collect full skip bins, there’s no spillage. When skip bins are overfilled, it’s easy for rubbish to end up in places it doesn’t belong such as waterways and in bushland.

Ensure you do not overfill your skip bin and do your bit to protect the environment.

What about skip bin permits in Burnley?

The only time you will need a permit is if you plan to put the skip bin on public land. If you place it on your own land, for example in the garden or driveway, you won’t need a permit.

What is classed as public land in Melbourne?

Nature strips are public property as are street kerbs and many car parks. If you need to put your skip bin in one of these areas, you will need a skip bin permit from the City of Yarra.

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