How to Make Money from Recycling

We’re all guilty of a little laziness when it comes to recycling aren’t we? Sometimes it seems so much easier to throw that can into the general waste rather than make the effort to recycle it. But the fact is that you can actually make money from recycling.

It’s not just recyclables like cans and plastic that we’re lazy about. Electronics and other everyday items can all be recycled and in some cases, sold. This allows you to make money from recycling

Getting organised about your rubbish is the key to making it pay.

Think about storage

The way in which you deal with your old things once you’ve finished with them is the key to helping you to make money from recycling. Sorting out storage areas for each different waste material or item can help when it comes to cashing in.

Large plastic tubs with lid are neat and tidy and make it simpler to stash the goods. So what exactly should you be keeping? What items will bring in some extra money? Here’s a roundup.

Sell your aluminium cans to make money from recycling

They may not be the most valuable of recyclables but a large family gets through quite a lot of aluminium and at ten cents per can (on average) it’s worth keeping them and cashing them in.

You can squash them to make them easier to store and when you’ve built up a nice collection, take them to your local recycling depot where they will take them off your hands and pay you too!

Another great way to make some cash from aluminium, is to re-purpose the old cans into a thing of beauty and sell them! If you’re a gardener, you can use cans to pot up attractive plants and herbs which will then be very saleable.  Paint the cans for extra appeal or leave them natural for a rustic look. A small stand outside your home or at a local business will garner a surprising amount of sales. Good choices for plants include succulents, herbs like basil and coriander as well as young flowers in season.

Sell your old electronics

Old phones can be sold online for a good price. Even phones which are outdated or no longer work can bring in the cash. There are a few things to consider before you cash in though. Check out the great advice regarding selling your old phone here.

Sell scrap metal

Every household has a certain amount of scrap metal. When you purchase new white goods such as washing machines and fridges, consider selling the old one for scrap metal. Your local scrap dealer will pay good money for items such as bicycles, filing cabinets, appliances and BBQs.

If you don’t make money from recycling your used goods, someone else will! It’s better in your pocket than in someone else’s so get organised, start saving the things which will make money and watch your bank balance grow.

If you’ve got a backlog of junk at home why not order a skip bin to get rid of it all? This will help you when it comes to organising those smaller, money-making items!

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plants in aluminium cans hanging on the wall

Make money from recycling your aluminium cans!