Skip Bins vs Rubbish Removal Services

When you have waste to remove from your home, worksite or commercial premises, it makes sense to weigh up the options for the most convenient and cost-effective solution. The two most obvious solutions are skip bins and professional rubbish removal. Both have their advantages, depending on your particular needs.

So, let’s cut through the rubbish — which is better, skip bin hire or professional rubbish removal?

Skip Bin Hire versus a Rubbish Removal Service

What is a skip bin?

A skip bin is essentially an oversized metal bin carried to and from your site using a truck. Not only popular with builders and on construction sites, they are also available in different sizes to suit residential customers and can have door access. Once they are delivered to you, it’s up to you to fill them. Collection normally occurs once the bins are full or on a set date.

The pros of using a skip bin

  • They are convenient. You can fill a skip bin at your own pace as your build, renovation, or clean-up progresses.
  • They are cost-effective. If you have a large amount of rubbish to remove, skip bins are often the cheapest solution as you’ll generally only pay a flat fee for the bin.
  • They are a time saver. This is especially so for construction or building projects where the skip bin can be filled as you go.
  • There are different skips for different types of waste. Because skip bin hire companies offer different types of skip bins for different sorts of waste, recycling the rubbish can be easier, saving materials such as bricks, concrete and timber from going to landfills.
  • There are different bin sizes for different requirements. From mini skips to maxi bins, skip bin hire companies generally offer all types of bins for various purposes, with doors and without. 

The cons of using a skip bin

  • You will be loading it yourself. Unlike professional rubbish removal, where someone else does the lifting and loading for you, it’s up to you to fill a skip bin yourself.
  • You will need the right skip bin for your waste. Because waste management services aim to recycle as much of your waste as possible, they offer a range of skips for different materials. You must inquire about what they accept in each type of bin before booking.
  • They take up space. Some councils won’t allow you to place a skip bin on the street without a permit, so you’ll need to ensure you have room on your property if you’d like to avoid this step.
  • You need to work out what size skip bin you’ll require. For cost-effective and efficient rubbish removal, you must order a bin with the correct capacity. It can sometimes be challenging to figure out what size bin you’ll need, but here’s a handy guide for more information.

Rubbish Collection

What is a rubbish removal service?

A rubbish removal company will come to your door to remove waste from your home or business. The difference between a rubbish removal service and skip bin hire, where the bin stays in place until pick up, is that it’s a one-off collection where the company’s workers fill their truck for you.

Pros of using a rubbish removal service

  • No heavy lifting. Calling a team to do the hard work for you is a good idea for situations where you can’t do the heavy lifting yourself.
  • It can be quicker if you have a small amount of rubbish. For smaller jobs with less waste, a rubbish removal service might be better suited to your needs.
  • There is no need to find space on your property to fit a skip bin. A rubbish removal service can remove your junk immediately without the fuss of finding room to fit a skip bin.

Cons of using a rubbish removal service

  • It can be expensive. Someone else may be doing the heavy lifting for you, but you can expect that to be reflected in the cost of a rubbish removal service.
  • It may take several trips to get rid of your rubbish. This depends on the size of the company’s truck and how much rubbish you need to remove.
  • You need to book a set time. Unlike skip hire, where you can fill the bin at your own pace, rubbish removal will depend on the company’s availability.
  • Some may not accept certain types of waste. For example, green waste. They may also charge you per appliance or item of furniture to be removed.
  • They may not service your suburb. Some rubbish removal companies might not be willing to travel to your location for certain items if it isn’t financially viable for them.

Skip Bins from Best Price Skip Bins

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As you can see, deciding whether to hire a skip bin or use a rubbish removal service largely depends on the space at your location, your ability to do some of the work yourself, your budget and how much rubbish you need removed.

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