Rising Dumping Costs

Rising EPA Costs for Skip Bin Hire Adelaide

At Best Price Skip Bins, we are committed to keeping the cost of waste disposal as low as possible. By locating the best Skip Bin Hire Adelaide has to offer, we believe that we can benefit customers and the wider community, as well as the environment.

We have the benefit of many decades in the Australian waste management industry. As such, we are proud to be part of the best environmental waste practices developed over the years by our country’s far sighted industrial practices. Our experience and the contacts we have gathered has grown over the years. We have a huge database of companies best placed to offer skip bin hire solutions in any part of the country.

As time goes on, national and state governments are introducing ever stricter environmental protection laws which we fully support. We integrate these with our suppliers to find the best value at all stages of the waste management process.

Increasing Costs

Under regulations administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), any waste depot must operate under licence. These licences are very strictly enforced, and depots must adhere to their conditions or risk immediate closure.

As part of the licensing agreement, a waste depot has to pay a levy to the state government if it disposes of certain types of waste. There are waste products which incur no cost, as they are deemed to cause no damage to the environment. However, most waste dealt with by depots comes at a financial cost to its operators.

These costs are inevitably passed on to waste depots’ customers. State governments will charge no levy to depots for disposing safely of asbestos. However, most other waste products cost the depots, skip bin hire companies, and eventually the skip hire customer.

Local Regulations

As environmental concerns continue to increase in importance, so state governments place more emphasis on making improvements in this field. South Australia in particular is very proud of its waste and resource recovery efforts.

SA is Australia’s leading exploiter of renewable energy, and this is now one of its main industrial growth areas. It produces more wind power than any other Australian state, has invested in Hornsdale Power Reserve. This is the world’s biggest lithium ion battery, supplied by the nearby Hornsdale Wind Farm.

As part of the state’s commitment to sustainable development, SA is devoting a great deal of attention to recycling waste products. It is also reducing environmental impact and adding to job creation in the renewables sector of the economy. Waste management is a central part of this strategic approach.

Concentrated Effort

75% of the population of SA live in Adelaide and its surrounding areas. The state sees waste management in the city as absolutely crucial to future projections. As such, it expects very high environmental standards. This is why they have raised the levy to dispose of substances deemed environmentally harmful.

There are two rates for solid waste in the Adelaide area; metropolitan and non metropolitan. For 2017-18, the metropolitan rate is $87 per tonne, and half this rate, $43.50 per tonne, in non metropolitan areas.

In terms of the skip bin hire Adelaide service, this is good news for customers in non metropolitan areas.

Future Projections

The solid waste levy rate is increasing year by year. In 2016, the SA state government announced that it would raise the level from $62 per tonne to $103. This is a rise of over 60%, over the next four years.

The increase in the levy was specifically aimed at local councils. They are being forced to look at ways of covering it from now until 2019-20. The Environment Minister makes no apologies for the increase. He suggested local authorities increase their recycling efforts and reduce the overall production of waste.

In what could perhaps be described as more of a stick than a carrot approach, the Minister had advice for councils. He said hat the yearly increases in the levy could easily be avoided. He suggested “recycling and reusing waste, which is what we’re trying to encourage by putting a higher value on it.”

In terms of average increase by household, this was expected to cost councils an increase of 7% by 2019-20. This is over all solid waste, in an average household. For homes or businesses carrying out renovation projects, the rise in the solid waste levy represents a much more sizeable figure.

Correct Allocation

By matching the best deals for customers and suppliers of Adelaide skip bins, we at Best Price Skip bins offset these increasing costs. This benefits the customer and the state, not to mention the environment as a whole.

There are more and more materials produced in renovation and small scale demolition jobs which can be recycled by modern methods. Concrete blocks which often make up walls, floors and roofs can be recycled if collected in the right skip. Bricks, wood and green materials already have excellent recycling possibilities.

We work in conjunction with the steps being made by the SA state government and the City of Adelaide. Choosing the right method of waste removal makes sense. It can make a house or business renovation much less of a headache than would previously have been the case.

We help ensure that skip bin customers allocate the right type of waste for the bin they hire. We make sure that all recyclable materials are processed to their maximum utility. Recycling plants will not accept waste from companies who deliver material mixed with inappropriate substances. This means that those who do have the best access to reprocessing facilities.

As costs rise year on year, the more recyclable material customers produce, the better value their skip supplier can deliver. By correctly identifying and transporting waste materials, Best Price Skip Bins help customers make the most of their money.

We maximise recyclable materials and removing them correctly. This means the best deal for the customer, the state, and the wider community. It’s a win, win, win solution.