Why Skip Bin Hire in Perth Is Eco-Friendly & How It Makes A Difference

Skip bin hire in Perth is more eco-friendly than many other waste management solutions – read on to discover why!

Skip bin hire in Perth is consistently the number one choice for rubbish removal in Perth.

Why? Because not only is it super affordable, but it’s also eco-friendly. As people grow in awareness, there’s a real push for eco-friendly waste disposal solutions, and skip bin hire in Perth fits the bill.

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Why is skip bin hire in Perth so eco-friendly?

When rubbish is removed by any means, it must go somewhere. That’s a fact, but environmental problems occur via disposal methods. Two questions must be answered to understand why rubbish harms the environment.

  1. Where is the waste disposed of?
  2. What effects does that waste have on the environment?

The where and what can be answered in many ways. Firstly, by looking at household rubbish. Most Australian councils supply their householders with three bins—one for green waste, one for recyclable waste and one for general household rubbish.

The green waste is taken away and usually turned into compost. This is an ideal situation. It’s an example of a circular waste disposal method.

Recyclable items such as plastic, tin and paper are also taken away and processed to become new items.

The problems occur with general household waste. That usually ends up in a landfill. Landfill sites are bad for the environment because they contribute to the greenhouse effect, where gases are released into the atmosphere, damaging the environment.

Landfill can also leak into the surrounding land and even the water table.

How do Skip Bins help?

Skip bins help because most households and all businesses regularly create more waste than their local council can or will dispose of.

For householders, this can occur during house moves, renovations, DIY projects and just in general as, over time, people make a mess.

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For businesses, a lot of regular waste is produced – especially in retail outlets, restaurants, or large organisations such as schools.

Skip bins provide a means for people to dispose of this extra waste without having to drive multiple times to the dump and are safe in the knowledge that, thanks to careful planning, much of the waste is then recycled.

Skip bins come in a variety of sizes but also a variety of types. So some skip bin hire in Perth is meant only for green waste, some for bricks and concrete and some for mixed or general waste.

Thanks to this, you can safely dispose of rubbish in a skip bin, knowing that you are keeping vehicles off the road and ensuring waste is turned into new products rather than ending up in the landfill.

Why is skip bin hire Perth so convenient?

Those times when you’re engaged in many pressing tasks, such as during house moves, renovations or DIY, are already stressful.

Similarly, when a relative passes on, house clearances are tiring and stressful and upsetting.

If you have to take on the transportation of waste in addition to the sorting, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed.

Dumps charge money, too – so when you add your time, effort and fuel to the equation, you won’t be saving cash by disposing of things yourself.

Skip bin hire Perth is ideal because the empty skip is delivered to your door, and you can keep it for as long as needed.

This is ideal because predicting how long a job will take is difficult, especially if you have other commitments such as work and family.

Skip bins are delivered on your chosen day and taken away once full. They’re easy to use, take up little space, and are affordable.

To learn more about prices or to book, visit our Perth skip bin hire page here.

Some FAQs about skip bin hire in Perth

To make things easier for you, here are some of our most commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

Can I put asbestos in a skip bin in Perth?

No. You cannot put asbestos in a skip bin because it needs specialist equipment and precautions. Most asbestos removal specialists in Perth are extremely well-trained, and removing asbestos requires a lot of training.

For more information on asbestos removal in Perth, please visit the Healthy W.A. website.

Can I put electronic waste in a skip bin in Perth?

No – and that includes batteries. Items like refrigerators, televisions and mobile phones have hazardous components and may sometimes cause fires. They also leech cadmium, flame retardants and lead into the ground if they end up in the landfill.

There are other, more eco-friendly ways in which to dispose of e-waste.

Here is a guide from the Waste Authority Perth.

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What happens if I don’t fill up the skip bin?

Occasionally, someone may overestimate the size of the skip bin they book. This can result in a lot of extra space within the skip bin. If this happens to you, consider any other waste items you may not have considered, or even ask your neighbours if they want to add anything.

If you book a skip bin that is too small, you can ask for a new, empty skip to be dropped off the day the full one is collected.

All in all, skip bins are a great way to dispose of your additional rubbish. There’s no shame in being too busy to drive to the dump – and skip bins are more eco-friendly, anyway! So save time, effort and potentially money by booking a skip bin.

We have a large team of expert waste disposal specialists at Best Price Skip Bins. Your skip bin will be delivered on time too.

Booking is easy. Just enter your postcode here, choose a skip bin type for your waste and then select a date for delivery. It couldn’t be simpler!