Tips for Using Skip Bins in Perth

Tips For Using Skip Bins in Perth

People have their different reasons why they hire skip bins in Perth. If you want to thoroughly clean your home or carry out some renovation, skip bins in Perth are very helpful. If you are a professional in renovation, construction, landscaping industry or building, skip bins are very important.

Also, hiring skips bins in Perth is part of the daily requirement of your job, and it makes your easy. Whatsoever is your reason for using skip bins, here are some tips that can help you properly utilize skip bins.

Check if you need a permit

If your intention is to put the skip bin on your building site or property, you won’t be needing a permit. However, if your intention is to put the skip bin on the street, then you have to get a council permit. In order to save yourself some cash, create room on your own property to keep the bin. This way, you won’t have to pay for any permit.

Consider the kind of materials you want to put into the bin

Before hiring a bin, you have to consider the kind of materials you will be putting in it. There are various kinds of skip bins Perth for various kinds of materials. So knowing this before you hire a skip bin can help you save some money. There are bins that are can actually accommodate all kinds of materials. However, if the waste you’re dealing with is a single waste type, you’ll just hire a bin suitable for your waste. This is less expensive compared to the other kind of bin.

So it is better you think this through before you go out to hire a skip bin. However, there are certain materials that are not allowed in skip bins. Some of which are hazardous waste, paints, liquid, and food products. You have to discuss these things up front with the company to avoid your load being rejected at collection time.

Do Not Overfill But Pack Tightly

Do not waste space in the skip bin, don’t just put in empty boxes without folding and compressing them. Also, make sure all the extra little crevices and spaces are filled up. Nevertheless, observe the maximum fill line and make sure you don’t exceed it. Just putting a little more waste above the maximum fill line will cost you more.

The Skip Bin Should Not Be Directly Kept On the Ground

When you want to place the skip bin on your property, make sure you place it on planks of wood. Keeping it on planks of wood will prevent it from scratching your driveway or the floor of your environment. If you are placing it on a field with grass, still sort out a way of lifting the bin. This will prevent grass from dying.