Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Skip Bin In Adelaide

Skip bin hire in Adelaide is great if you know how to make the most of it. You may have questions and concerns if you’re new to hiring skip bins.

We’re here to answer those today.

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As a growing city, Adelaide creates a lot of waste

Which type of skip bin do I need?

Understanding which type of skip bin you need requires knowledge of how the skip bin process works.

Skip bins are large, hardwearing containers designed to hold all sorts of rubbish. They are delivered to your property on the back of a truck, then left in place so you can fill them up at your own pace.

You can decide how long you keep the skip bin and when it’s collected.

Different waste types and skip bins

Skip bins are offered for different waste types and mixed or general rubbish to aid recycling.

Skip bins for specific types of waste are helpful for certain situations. For example, a green waste skip bin is perfect for big garden projects. Brick and stone skip bins are ideal for building sites.


Because these skip bins only contain a specific waste type, it’s easy for the skip bin company to ensure that the contents are recycled successfully.

This is important – we all need to do our part in caring for our environment.

However, a mixed waste skip bin is preferable for most domestic situations.

Skip bin hire in Adelaide is often utilised for building projects. This is a growing city, and many new homes are being built daily.

But with a growing population comes a changing society. That means people are regularly moving houses, clearing homes or improving them.

This is when a skip bin hire in Adelaide is a beneficial service.

Booking your skip bin hire in Adelaide

Booking skip bins in Adelaide is simple when you book with Best Price Skip Bins. That’s because we’ve designed an easy-to-use booking system to put you in control. At the same time, the system helps you to understand which skip bin type to book.

It’s a 3-step process:


You’ll be shown a price when you’ve completed all three steps. That price is the lowest possible price at the time of booking.

We work with all local suppliers who are proven to offer excellence in service. So you’re getting a local skip bin supplier proven to offer great service, and you’ll automatically be offered the lowest price.

Choosing your delivery date

This part might sound simple, but you should know one or two things. When you choose a date for delivery, be aware that the skip bin might not arrive at 6.00 am. It may arrive later.

That means you cannot necessarily expect to have it for a whole day on the first day. So choose a day on either side of your project if possible. It saves wasting time in the end.

What can you put in skip bins?

Well, rubbish obviously – but a few types of rubbish cannot be put in skip bins. This is because they pose a danger to you, the general public or the skip bin operatives.

These no-nos include –

  • Asbestos
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Tyres

The reasons for skip bin hire companies not accepting the above items are usually because the items are dangerous or fire risk. In the case of oils and paints, they require specialist recycling programs.

There are a few options for disposing of asbestos in Adelaide. Visit this guide to asbestos from the S.A. Government.

Regarding batteries, fluorescent light tubes and e-waste, there are many options for recycling them in Adelaide. Some local libraries offer receptacles for batteries, and SA householders can drop off their end-of-life globes at the checkout counter of any Banner Hardware, Mitre 10 or True Value hardware stores.

Packing your skip bin – how to fill a skip bin effectively

If you’ve never used a skip bin before, you may have visions of freely flinging items in with abandon. It might even be enjoyable!

However – don’t do that!

full green skip

Be careful when filling your skip bin – never overfill

Pack your skip bin carefully. This way, you can fit much more inside it and make the most of it.

Always lay flat items in first. That includes things like old planks of wood or the parts of broken-down furniture. Losing them inside first will save a lot of room for bulkier items.

Never fill a skip bin above the line! Toppling rubbish can be very dangerous.

Bear in mind that filling a skip bin can be hard work. You may need some help to do it safely. Most skip bins come with a ramp so that you can use a wheelbarrow to move heavy waste up to the hatch at the rear of the skip bin.

How long can I keep a skip bin?

The length you keep your skip bin for is usually entirely up to you. Many businesses have skip bins on long-term hires. That means they receive an empty skip bin as often as they fill the last one up.

This is especially good for the retail and restaurant businesses that create a lot of rubbish.

As a householder, you can also choose to keep a skip bin longer if needed. Consider how long it will take to fill it up and book accordingly.

Skip bin permits in Adelaide

You won’t need a permit to keep the skip bin on your land. But a permit will be needed if you want to place it on your nature strip or road.

They are not expensive – but need to be booked in advance.

Related read: Adelaide Council’s Permit for Skip Bins

Thinking about making some eco-friendly changes?

Remember that skip bin hire Adelaide is a very eco-friendly way to dispose of rubbish. Because much of what we collect is recycled, it’s a great way to keep rubbish out of landfill sites.

Landfill sites have improved over the years thanks to new rules and regulations, but they’re not ideal.

The best way to save our planet is to use fewer resources – and what you do use should be re-used where possible.

Skip bin hire in Adelaide is one of the most eco-friendly ways to dispose of your rubbish. It’s also super convenient and affordable.

Book your skip bin hire today, or contact us with questions!