Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne – How to Load your Skip Properly

Skip bin hire in Melbourne has never been simpler

Looking at skip bin hire in Melbourne? It’s simple when you use Best Price Skip Bins. Our philosophy is to offer value for money with a service that excels. We know that when a homeowner or a business wants to hire a skip, they want a reliable, clean service and that’s exactly what we offer.

Because we’ve been in the business for so long, we know the issues which our customers face. That’s why we work hard to ensure that things go smoothly. If you want a skip bin tomorrow, then we make sure it gets there.

How to load your skip properly and make the most of skip bin hire in Melbourne

You’re going to the trouble of organising skip bin hire in Melbourne, so you want to get the most from your efforts right? Here are some great tips to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Place your items close to where the skip will be positioned

This isn’t always possible of course. If it is possible, it’s a great way to streamline the loading of your skip bin. Once you have ordered your skip bin, begin to bring out your waste and rubbish and neatly arrange it. Watch out for bad weather though! Loading soggy refuse into a skip bin isn’t pleasant.

Pile the rubbish as neatly as possible. If possible, do this prior to ordering your skip bin. It will allow you to estimate which size skip bin you need.

How to fill a skip bin properly

It’s never a good idea to simply hurl items into a skip. This results in a badly loaded skip and wasted space. Instead, choose the flat items first and place them as carefully as possible. Things like planks of wood, tabletops or large boards will go in without leaving too much air space.

Once you have put all the flat items into the skip, it’s time for the big, heavy things. Items like old televisions, chairs, fridges will need more than one person to lift them so ensure you have help. It’s easy to hurt yourself if you attempt to lift heavy items alone. Check out this link from Safe Work Australia on how to lift heavy items safely.

Once you’ve put all the heavy and bulky items into the skip, you can move on to fill your skip bin with green waste, bulky loads, and smaller items. Pack these into the spaces which are left.

Never overload a skip

Always be careful to ensure that the skip is filled to the line indicated. Don’t be tempted to balance bulky items on top. This can be dangerous.

Skip bin hire in Melbourne – as easy as one, two, three

It really is as easy as one two three! Call us to speak to one of our friendly team members and you could be filling a skip bin tomorrow! We’re happy to answer your questions and to advise on any issues you might have.

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